Tinariwen - Alkhar Dessouf (Zeid Hamdan Remix)


Lebanese producer Zeid Hamdan has remixed ‘Alkhar Dessouf’ as part of the 20th anniversary reissues of The Radio Tisdas Sessions & Amassakoul.

Giving a bit more context on his approach to the remix, Zeid explains: “I have been a fan of Tinariwen for such a long time, I could not believe my eyes when I received a message asking me if I would be interested in remixing one of their tracks. I spent hours enjoying the session tracks that were sent to me. Each one of the vocals, the guitars, the percussion, their sound is so unique and really raw, their personality transpires on every take, at every measure. It was not easy to express my own emotions into such a solid ensemble. My remix was really built on a fingerpicking distorted guitar, I allowed myself to experiment on different chords, a fluffy bed of electronics with a soft kick and a one take bass line playing around with a Korg Monologue, I tried to keep it really minimal and raw. I'm really digging its simplicity.”

Listen to the new remix here.