Tinariwen announce limited edition picture disc vinyl of Amatssou bonus tracks.


Tinariwen, the pioneering, Grammy-winning Tuareg collective, will release a new limited edition picture disc vinyl on March 1st via Wedge. It features the four bonus tracks that originally appeared on the deluxe edition of their acclaimed ninth studio album Amatssou.

These four bonus tracks were recorded during the same recording sessions in Djanet, an oasis in the desert of southern Algeria located in Tassili N’Ajjer National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its prehistoric cave art.

For decades, Tinariwen have remained ambassadors for the Tuareg people, a way of life in tune with the natural world, which is under threat as never before. On each of the four tracks which make up this special release, Tinariwen continue to explore the shared sensibilities between their trademark desert blues and the vibrant country music of rural America.